Dietary Supplement Information Bureau,

This site is an excellent source for science-based vitamin and supplement information, news, blogs, and other resources.

My Green Electronics,

Type in your zip code to locate electronics recycling programs in your area. You can also use the Energy Calculator to see what your electronics’ use means for your wallet by the minute, day, month, and year.

Carbon Footprint,

Confused about carbon footprints? Learn what this really means and how big yours is. Then read about ways to reduce and offset your carbon emissions. You can also compare green energy suppliers and prices in your area.

American Heart Association,

The mission of this health agency is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. This is an excellent resource for information on diseases and conditions associated with heart disease, children’s health, and diet, nutrition, and exercise tips for a healthy heart.


The vision at BeWell is to empower everyone to make better health decisions through community support and reliable information. has unique, expert-guided communities where you have access to authoritative information about health topics that matter to you. You’ll participate in peer-generated conversations, connect with other people who have similar experiences, and interact with well-known, highly regarded healthcare professionals.

Citizens for Health,

Citizens for Health is the national nonprofit consumer advocacy group working to ensure consumer access to a wide range of therapies, a healthy environment, safe foods, and the dietary supplements of their choice. They foster active citizen leadership and organize natural health consumers to create political solutions that support these rights.