Flavoniods: The Key to Healthy Aging?

Flavoniods: The Key to Healthy Aging?

Posted on 21. Sep, 2016 by in In the News

Flavones, flavanones, anthocyanins, and flavonols — flavonoids, or plant chemicals found naturally in fruits and veggies such as oranges, berries, onions, and apples — may boost healthy aging in women. A Harvard study reports that women with the highest intake of flavoniods during middle age were most likely to experience healthy aging, which study authors defined as “no major chronic diseases or major impairments in cognitive or physical function or mental health.”

“Flavonoids may contribute to reducing chronic diseases and maintaining physical, cognitive, and mental health with aging via their potential to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation, which are two general pathways underlying many age-related chronic diseases and health conditions,” report researchers. “Our findings suggest that intake of dietary flavonoids at midlife may be related to improved odds of overall health and well-being in aging.”

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