Turbocharge Your Energy!

Turbocharge Your Energy!

Posted on 12. Feb, 2016 by in Articles, Nutrition

By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Are you one of the 31 percent of adults suffering from severe persistent fatigue or the 2 to 4 percent with fibromyalgia? Sometimes, getting back to basics is all it takes to feel great. Whether you have a health condition that zaps your energy or simply want a natural boost to maintain optimal vitality and strength, attending to the fundamentals of good health — along with supplementing with the powerful energy nutrient ribose — can help pull you out of your energy crisis and get you back to feeling your best.

Back to Basics
For a boost of healthy energy, simply remember the word SHINE, an acronym for sleep, hormones, infections, nutrition, and exercise. This basic approach can relieve pain (by over 50 percent in our fibromyalgia studies), restore energy, and significantly improve quality of life (an average of 90 percent in our studies) in those suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia — the most severe forms of the human energy crisis. Addressing these basic issues will also be helpful if you're simply feeling like your energy is lagging.

Sleep: Rest your body. Get eight hours of sleep a night as often as possible. Have insomnia? Natural sleep aids can be very helpful.

Hormones: Hormones regulate your body's functioning, including energy production. If you're feeling lethargic, you may need thyroid and adrenal support. Did you know that labs miss the majority of people with hormonal deficiencies? It's better to go by symptoms — weight gain along with feeling tired, achy, and intolerant to cold suggest an underactive thyroid. Irritability when hungry (what I call “Feed me NOW or I'll kill you!” syndrome) suggests you need adrenal support.

Infections: Recurrent infections, including sinusitis, colds, and us, drain energy. Pay particular attention to candida/yeast. If you have chronic sinusitis or a spastic colon, yeast may be the culprit.

Nutrition: Increase the whole foods in your diet and cut out excess sugars such as sodas and fruit juices (eat the whole fruit instead), and drink plenty of water. It's important to eat right because not having enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients causes fatigue.

Exercise: Physical activity can help boost energy and endurance, so move regularly, preferably outside in the sunshine. The current advice to avoid sunshine is dangerous, causing widespread vitamin D deficiency. Better advice? Avoid sunburn — not sunshine!

An Exciting Energy Nutrient
Want your energy to skyrocket? While you're addressing any issues with sleep, hormones, infections, nutrition, and exercise, it's important to add targeted support for energy. Optimal nutritional supplementation is essential and is best done with a high-potency multivitamin.
An especially powerful way to turbocharge healthy energy is with a special nutrient called D-ribose, which has been shown to increase energy production an astounding 60 percent.

Ribose is an exceptional nutrient that's critical for producing the energy molecules that power the heart, muscles, brain, and every other tissue in the body. Ribose supplies healthy, natural energy, unlike many other energy boosters. Sugar or large amounts of caffeine act like “energy loan sharks,” meaning you get a quick hit of energy, but it costs you way more in the end — once your blood sugar crashes, you feel more fatigued than before.

The food you eat must be converted to the energy molecules ATP, NADH, and FADH. The amount of ATP we have in our tissues determines whether we will be fatigued or will have the energy we need to live vital, active lives. Ribose provides the key building block for ATP, and the presence of ribose in the cell stimulates the metabolic pathway our bodies use to actually make this vital compound. If the cell does not have enough ribose, it cannot make ATP. When cells and tissues become starved for energy, we experience fatigue — and the availability of ribose is critical to energy recovery and production.

The Many Benefits of Ribose
Because it can dramatically increase energy production throughout the body, D-ribose has many uses. It can be wonderful for athletes who want to enhance their strength and stamina, and I recommend it for individuals who want to simply maintain optimal vitality and strength. Research shows it can also be powerfully helpful for people experiencing a human energy crisis. For example, optimizing healthy energy is especially important for people with pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and a number of other conditions. These conditions are markers that suggest how critical it
is to increase energy production to optimize function in that individual.

In one of our many ribose clinical studies, we had one subject who had atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm that had been present for many years. It went away within three weeks of ribose treatment. I also remember meeting a gentleman with heart failure who had been given a death sentence by his doctor. The doctor told him that he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do for him, and that he had just a few months to live. I told him his physician was right when he said that there was nothing he could do for him — but that didn't mean there was nothing he could do for himself! I gave him an “energy nutrient cocktail” built around ribose. Several years later I received an email from this gentleman. The subject header: “You saved my life!”

While every individual and circumstance is different, research shows that ribose can be a powerful ally in maintaining and restoring good health, whether it's to support everyday energy production and vitality or to address a more serious condition. I have worked with literally hundreds of supplements in my 40 years of practice, and this may well be the most important energy discovery of our lifetimes. I personally take 5 grams of ribose each morning along with a high-potency B-complex multivitamin. Try it for a month — you'll be amazed at how it turbocharges your energy!

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