An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Is Affordable

An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Is Affordable

Posted on 22. Feb, 2010 by in Green Living

Making sustainable choices used to be about growing your own food and recycling. But today, the idea of green living encompasses everything from organic foods to eco-friendly building materials and energy sources. With so many green products available, it’s easy to feel like a sustainable lifestyle is out of reach. After all, even if it does pay off in the long run, switching over to eco-friendly appliances and installing solar panels on the roof isn’t always an economical choice. But doing your part to save the planet can be simple and practical. There’s so much you can do every day that doesn’t cost a thing—and can even save you money.

Empty Out the Fridge

The typical American creates 4.6 pounds of garbage every day, and packaging materials take up about a third of landfills. But if you buy less, you throw away less. Every few months, skip a trip to the grocery store and spend a week using up what’s buried in your fridge and cupboards.

Composting Is Cool

Collecting the organic waste from your home cuts down on the trash that goes to the landfill and eliminates the need for fertilizer for your garden. Whether you start a compost pile in the back yard or use a bin or mixer, compost improves soil quality and capacity to hold water, supplies a variety of micronutrients, and more.

Let It Rain

Rather than turning on the sprinkler or hose to water your lawn or garden, save water and energy by using one of the simplest irrigation methods available: collecting rainwater. Just place a barrel in your garden or under a gutter spout and dunk in a watering can.

Remove Those Shoes

Most pollutants enter the typical home hitchhiking on your shoes. By taking your shoes off at the door and asking your guests to do the same, you’re not only keeping pollutants out of your house but also eliminating the need for harmful rug cleaners. Keep welcome mats around doors, as well.


Off doesn’t necessarily mean “off”—any appliance or electronic device that has a remote control, AC adapter, battery charger, permanent display, or internal memory will continue to use electricity even when it’s switched off. Unplug items like the coffee maker after use and plug the TV, stereo, and DVD player into a power strip that can be turned off every night.

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